The TMS Center of New Jersey is a leading provider of NeuroStar Advanced TMS Therapy to New Jersey residents. This treatment is a non-surgical, non-medication treatment for patients with clinical depression, anxiety, and OCD and is widely considered a viable alternative to medication and psychotherapy.

Most patients will want to know how NeuroStar TMS therapy works before you consider it for yourself. We aim to answer this question by providing an overview of TMS therapy and how it can help our patients with their mental health conditions.

What Is NeuroStar?

Physicians across the globe recommend TMS therapy for patients who have not achieved symptomatic relief from their mental health symptoms with medication or psychotherapy alone. NeuroStar TMS therapy has provided significant relief for numerous patients throughout New Jersey and around the world. It is backed by extensive research, with some highlights including:

  • 83% of patients experienced significant improvement of depressive symptoms and up to 62% achieving complete remission.
  • Improvements that were seen include elevated mood, improved daily functioning and an increased desire for social engagement.
  • Patients experienced improvements in their mental health after several weeks of treatment.
  • NeuroStar is the only TMS treatment that has been proven to be effective for up to a year.

Data collected from 65 studies involving 162,000 patients and 5.9 million NeuroStar treatments have proven its efficacy and safety. Connect with our professional team today to learn more about the science behind this innovative therapy.

The Science Behind NeuroStar

Many mental health disorders affect certain regions of the brain, particularly those that regulate mood, emotion, and behavior. These disorders often cause suppression of brain activity compared to others. It is often this suppressed activity that causes the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

NeuroStar stimulates these areas of the brain, helping you regulate your emotions and mood. Over time, it trains your brain to improve its activity independently, making it easier to manage your depressive and anxious symptoms.

How NeuroStar Works at The TMS Center of New Jersey

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is delivered at our New Jersey clinic in short, 19-minute sessions. Each session takes place 5 days per week over a course of 7 weeks. NeuroStar is a preferred treatment for our patients because it is entirely non-surgical and does not require anesthesia. Throughout your treatment session, you will be awake, alert, and comfortable.

Since there is no cognitive impairment, you can resume your daily activities immediately upon completion of your daily treatment. You do not have to rest or recover—you can immediately return to your work and social life without hesitation.

Learn if NeuroStar Advanced TMS Therapy at The Center of New Jersey is Right For You

NeuroStar TMS therapy can be an ideal solution to mental health problems for qualifying adult and adolescent patients. This ground-breaking treatment has offered hope for people who have not achieved results with traditional medication or who cannot tolerate their side effects.

Do you have more questions about how NeuroStar Advanced TMS therapy in New Jersey works? Schedule your consultation with one of our medical specialists at TMS Center of New Jersey today so we can help you answer all your questions.


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