About Us

The TMS Center of New Jersey is one of the leading TMS providers in the Tri-state area. We were established in early 2010 shortly after TMS therapy received FDA approval for treating Major Depressive Disorder. We were excited to introduce this cutting edge technology to the Jersey Shore. Since that time, we have performed thousands of treatments providing our patients with often times dramatic relief from the despair of depression. Our vast experience ensures that the care you will get at The TMS Center of New Jersey is second to none.

Under the leadership of Dr. David Sikowitz, a nationally recognized expert in the field of neuromodulation, our staff is constantly updated and trained in the latest TMS applications and protocols. We take great pride in the level of professionalism of our dedicated staff. They are committed to providing excellence of care as well as compassion for the struggles our patients have endured. We treat every patient with the respect they deserve and will tailor a treatment plan to each patient’s individual needs.

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Our Mission

At The TMS Center of New Jersey, we are dedicated to using the most innovative technology and compassionate care to help our patients fight this devastating illness and reclaim the joy in their lives.


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